July 4, 2013

Happy 237th Birthday, USA!  And happy July 4th to us all. :)

Do you ever feel, after a long time of not doing something, that the first time of doing that activity again is the most difficult?  That's how I feel about blogging.  After I completed my finals, I was filled  with ideas for new blog posts, but each time I was preparing to write one, I hesitated and thought something along the lines of: "But it's been so long. What if I stop again? Is this the post to start again with?" By the time those thoughts are finished, I have already closed the Blogger page and made myself a promise to start on a better post.

I realize now that it would have been an endless cycle. So I figured I would bite the bullet and put up this short post, hopefully to ease myself back into blogging again. :)

Anyways, enough of my explanations and ramblings. I hope everyone has a marvelous 4th of July, filled with amazing fireworks!

has anyone heard of icebergs? it's a gorgeous site, similar to pinterest, but i think it has an even broader field of usability. i encourage everyone to check it out and reserve an invite! :3


  1. I hope you had a good Independence Day! Those cupcakes look yummy :D I know what you mean about having a hard time starting something up again. I'm running into that problem with other hobbies I used to do. Glad to see you blogging again though!

  2. lovely having you back dear. i too have such phases and i too sum up guts finally to start after a long while
    xo sabbi

  3. Welcome back. It's always tough starting up things again. But remember that you have tons of support! I'm excited to read more from you :)

  4. Yay you're back! Hope you had a happy fourth

  5. hope you enjoyed your day!

  6. those cupcakes ahh *0* happy belated 4th!

    a very loud introvert

  7. happy belated 4th! :)


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