The Girl.

Hello!  My name is Xixia.  It's lovely to meet you. :)

I am a 20-years-old student residing in Pittsburgh, and I love fluffy objects.  My academic self is devoted to Computer Science and East Asian Studies, while my personal self is obsessed with movies, television shows, and sweet treats.

The key to my heart is some freshly baked bread & warm red bean milk tea (with boba!).  I dream of one day living in New York, where the Museum of Modern Art and Crumbs are just a metro ride away.

Moderation is not my strong suit. I eat too much, shop too much, and sleep too much. Thankfully, I don't multi-task that well either and tend to indulge in one thing at a time.

The Inspiration.

left to right: mabona origami /// strange attractors by justin edmund /// tumblr
Those three words encompass my overarching theme for this blog: what I find visually stimulating, my research and studies, as well as anything I love and would like to share with my readers. Although this sounds like a very broad scope, I believe that they work well together because all of my content will fulfill at least two of those characteristics. I see blogging as a way of not only sharing what I find and learn to others, but also as a method of documenting my journey as a girl, a student, and hopefully eventually, a scholar.

The Blog.

I started work on this blog in the beginning of May 2012, but truthfully, this project has been years in the making. Starting a blog has been an idea I have toyed with many times throughout the years, though I have never really been able to fully launch it. There were various stages I've reached in my attempts: creating the blog, customizing the layout, making a post, and finally, making several posts. But ultimately, each blog fizzled away, and after analyzing all of that, I've realized it is because my previous attempts all lacked focus - a pre-defined goal. Hopefully, this blog will rectify that and end my stream of blogging failures.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

- Leonardo Da Vinci

My personal aesthetic centers around simplicity and elegance. I find that a clean layout is more effective because that way, all the focus is on what I post. Designing this website was reminiscent to me of organizing a notebook: the content takes up at least 85% of the space, with the rest being left blank or used to enhance what was written.

version 1.0
I truly hope that you enjoy your time here, and I will do my best to keep my site updated regularly with interesting and beautiful content, so do come back again soon! :) Please feel free to ask questions, send suggestions, or even just say hello, as I love hearing from readers - so don't be shy! Leave a comment or send me an e-mail (on my contact page), and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you!